Part of having your own Food Diary blog means you can be as creative as you want to be with it, but to ensure connecting everyone as efficiently as possible here are some guidelines to follow when you start to design and post on your Food Diary blog. Also your blog can be in either English or in Arabic.

1. Blog Title:
The title should be connected to the project, your title needs to be "your name or alias" 's Food Diary

2. Blog Description:
Again its important to keep this connected to the larger project so describe the blog anyway you want just remember to mention that it is a Food Diary part of the Egyptian Food Sovereignty Project. You can also create a hyperlink to the project.

3. Blog Gadgets:
You can add as many gadgets/widgets as you want. But we do consider the following essential

A. Links
The links will provide everyone with the relevant source material that you have used for your project

B. Archive
This way your posts can be easily searched

C. Labels or Tags
Again this is to make your posts easy to find

D. Follow by Email and Subscribe
This way other participants can keep track of your new posts

E. Contact
Make it easy for people to contact you somehow it is up to you how, but this will prove to be extremely useful especially when people will start trading and sharing seeds

4. Posts:
Make sure you enable comments so you can get questions and feedback and don't forget to label/tag your posts.

5. Content:
Again you can be as creative and free as you want to be, you can include pictures and videos, but to ensure some that most important points are being shared, we ask you to make sure you mention some specific points.
a. Material used, cost and where you got it from
b. Effort exerted
c. Nutrients used
d. Approximate water usages

Try and post as consistently as you can so different people can follow your process. Also don't worry if you wake up one day and find your crop is covered with some strange fungus, bug or just simply withered because you forgot to water it, make sure you post about that so other people can advise you or at least learn from your experience.