How to Join

Joining is very simple it is compromised of three steps:

1) Create a Food Diary blog. Make sure you read the guidelines first.

2) Start growing something, doesn't matter if its a single crop or multiple crops, doesn't matter if its a herb, a vegetable or a fruit. Take baby steps its okay. As long as you start with one crop, that means someone else who maybe growing another crop will learn from your experience and will start growing two crops, which means a third person who was only growing one crop might learn from both your experiences and grow three crops. Start simple and its momentum will grow. Don't wait till your crop grows to write about, start writing from the first day you decide to become a food dairy blogger, write about your decision process, your choice of location, your choice of crop. It doesn't matter whether your crop succeeds or fails what matters is your process, which everyone will gain from hearing about.

3) Email with your new Food Diary blog URL and ask to be added to the project.

For inquiries, technical advice (blog or food production) and comments please email